Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fedora core 4

I installed Fedora core 4. This distro has been superb .
First I thought "lemme install it just for testing afterwards just remove it". But now I decided to stick to Fedora core 4 .
The looks are cool. And for programming they included Eclipse with cdt plugin!
I installed xmms using yum package manager.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Skec cse 2003 responses

The group of skec 2003 cse has got some good responses. It has 20 members. I improved the design of sree kavitha engineering college cse group website. I added college photo and also some of the tour photos.
The message count is increasing. I hope the site ranks well.

Friday, August 26, 2005


I will be joining in NOSIP for open source internship program . I got that required HOD letter. I will be sending the documents tomorrow to novell bangalore.
I am joining in GNOME project.

problem installing Linux

Today evening I went to my senior "madhu latha's " house. I got a problem while installing linux.
I was installing suse linux 9

I never know that there was a other linux hidden in that same system after I installed suse linux that system I saw that in other place /dev/hda7 there was a other suse!
So I tried to remove that by fdisk
But what happened was the booot loader was installed and /boot was created in that /dev/hda7 which I deleted . so I messed up using command line and deleted existing partitions and had to re install the total linux ! I gave that work to her and I guess she could install it successfully. I will know tomorrow.

My works these days

I have been designing webpages getting their rankings in search engines... etc.
I am now a web-designer in spirit.
Web dsigning is occupying 90% of my time.
some of the websites I create and manage are
  • skec 2003 cse group website
  • sree kavitha engineering college website
  • pavithran personal webpage
  • And ofcourse this blog !

    college website

    I created that college website in challenge to the orginal college website. I will be improving it a lot.
    I will make it compete with the orginal!

    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    SKEC CSE 2003

    I had created a group called skec_cs03

    That group of My class had recieved a good response!
    And I am improving the group website.
    The address of the group of sree kavitha engineering college CSE 2003 batch is

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    My connection BSNL BROADBAND

    Hi everone I am pavithran
    I got a connection to BSNL broadband by paying advance amount of Rs 1,450 thats around 30$ .
    The monthly charges are 500Rs /month and 100 Rs/month .

    But the Biggest fault in the connection is Data transfer Limit 1GB

    And one more thing that guy who installed me Bsnl broadband doesnot now how to do it in Linux .He told that it works onall the Operating Systems of Windows Platform but when it comes to Linux The answer is Flat NO

    Ok atleast install in my windows xp so that I will try installing BSNL Broad band on my own on Linux Operating system .He installed successfully in windows xp and left.

    My Linux connection of BSNL Broadband

    What I did was I searched in google highliting the termsbsnl broadband google that gave some very good results

    I solved my problem and I am successfully running my fedora core 3 in bsnl broadband.Well to everyone who checks this blog may face the same problems so I give my solution ofcourse its a copy but I guess this would be helpful

    • An rpm called RP-PPPOE is needed .
    • use the command #adsl-setup
        Give ur username and password when prompted

    • Type #/sbin/ifup ppp0 to to bring up your xDSL link

    • now type #adsl-startTo start BSNL Broadband

    • now type #adsl-stopTo stop BSNL Broadband

  • Dont forget that the above 3 steps are to be repeated ..
    Well hope U might have solved the problem but I may not explain well so there are some quick links

    Chennai Linux user group

    Pune Linux user group

    Pcquest linux users

    Atuls solution& evaluation of Brodband

    BSNL Data One How to for GNU/Linux

    Hoping you all enjoy browsing Open source
    Take care of the bytes transfer they are finishing quickly! My mail id is
    Waiting for Tons of comments

    Will start Blogging

    I think I must blame myself for not blogging but creating a Blog.
    Blogs are just being created and not updated!!
    The reason I didnt blog is that I havent a net connection at home!
    But today onwards I am connected!
    Well bye everyone I am waiting for many comments!