Friday, August 26, 2005

problem installing Linux

Today evening I went to my senior "madhu latha's " house. I got a problem while installing linux.
I was installing suse linux 9

I never know that there was a other linux hidden in that same system after I installed suse linux that system I saw that in other place /dev/hda7 there was a other suse!
So I tried to remove that by fdisk
But what happened was the booot loader was installed and /boot was created in that /dev/hda7 which I deleted . so I messed up using command line and deleted existing partitions and had to re install the total linux ! I gave that work to her and I guess she could install it successfully. I will know tomorrow.

1 comment:

pavi said...

She installed it successfully !
Thank god! otherwise I will be responsible for the failure of her system!