Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Own computer

I had build my own computer
I bought

Processor : AMD 64 3200+ (Socket 754)
Motherboard: MSI K8N NEO 3( With nvidia nforce chipset)
RAM : 512 MB Hynix
Graphic Card: 128 MB Zebronics Graphic card(on nvidia GE -Force chipset)

I opened the processor carton. It contained a fan and processor.
while I took the manual from the motherboard carton.
I used both motherboard manual and the processor's to fix the processor in the socket in correct orientation. I was tensed but eventually as I started fixing parts my confidence grew.
First I inserted the processor into the socket ( noting the warning that in improper direction the processor wont fit)
The processor slid into the socket and it has to be locked by a lever. That was easy.
Next came the part of fixing the fan . First I was confused of the direction but by observing the manuals of both the processor and motherboard and suerimposing both the pictures into my eye which is watching the real Motherboard and processor could fix the fan in correct direction.
Next I inserted the RAM into its slot . That's a kids game.
Then with my screw drivers and screws got busy removing my old motherboad and replaced it with My new one.
I inserted my graphic card and the next step was to keep the Front panel wires in correct orientation.
sadly Its the place where I failed as I am inexperienced . I brought my uncles colleague in hardware and allowed him fix those little problems.
I fixed hard disk and kept all the cables in their respective ports and Its all over in the hardware side.

In software My xp is not working even the bootable is not working.
But my PCQ Linux 2005 is working without GUI.
My fedora core 4 worked seamlessly.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Data Communications

We had a guest lecturer from ECIL Hyderabad.
He was excellent as far as I am concerned . He has come to deal 2 units but he could lecture on only 1 1/2 units as my class children were not responsive!
I was impressed by the way he dealt me.
  • When I ask a doubt :
    There is a Answer!

  • When I go agnaist him! :
    He tells me to justify my views .

  • When My class guys chit chat ...
    He tells us to use only one communication link , Thats a simplex communication from lecturer to student. We should close all communication links ! All the ports are closed.

  • finally I conclude that he is the first one in my total engineering college life who dealt a subject with lively examples!