Wednesday, January 25, 2006

HOW to create a Website

The first thing you need to know to create a Webpage is HTML.
Let me create a sample HTML page which says Welcome to my webpage . Background is set to color BLACK . And text colour is RED.
I will also insert a Image present at
Note that I am using some one else's image present at a website . You might want to get some nice pic's for your website.I suggest you to google for them.
here is the HTML code

<title> Keep your own title here!!</title>
<bgcolor="black" text="red">
welcome to my website.
here is a rose.
<img src="">

save the whole matter as index.html or any name .html.
Next go to

Enter your yahoo username and password . ( This step is not necessary if you have already Signed in to other yahoo service such as yahoo mail,groups etc)

Click on "Sign up " below the free web hosting plan.

Select the Options "as you like it" and enter the confirmation code.

You will get a confirmation page.
so your website is
you can mail it to your friends telling about your webpage.

Select the Manage Tab.

Select File manager .

This is the place where you keep your online files such as html pages and images.
If you keep a file tony.html Then your tony.html can be accessed by
To simply get a website
1 . delete the existing index.htm
2 . upload your index.html

Before you ask me how to upload ... here is the solution.
In file manager there is a button called upload files . click on it to upload files.

Friday, January 06, 2006

UBUNTU experience

I installed ubuntu . This was really a great experience. I inserted the install CD during boot time. I pressed enter . And It tried to configure DHCP . But as we all know that none of our internet connections are running on dhcp . It couldn't succeed . So I choose the option " do not configure network this time". Partitioning as always was slightly difficult for newbies but those who have an empty partition ... It will be very easy . It asked for a username and password . I gave them as "pavi' and "*******" ( Just kiddin) . Afterwards It automatically restarted ,ejected CD and over there is the new Linux standing before of me.
The coolest thing about ubuntu is the support I got ...
I could run my C- Program on ubuntu which kaushik has been complaining .."Arrey Yaar ubuntu mein C program compile nehi hota hai" It is a matter of 3 minutes I got My c program running !!

I first ran the command # apt-get install build-essential This command will build the essential libraries for c compilation.

#include main() { printf("Hello To UBUNTU"); }
Compiled it with the command
gcc -o hello.o hello.c
Afterwards ran the program

Got the output


Immediately I opened Gaim and sent an instant message to kaushik about my success story. He can later check this blog if he has any doubts!!!