Thursday, August 24, 2006

GPL V3 Bangalore at IIMB

Stallman was talking when I entered the auditorium of IIMB.
The auditorium was a up to down staired one ... air conditioned with wirelesss access points accessible only to IIM students... There was a video recording going on.
Stallman was talking abt tevolisation and digital restriction management.
There are two points covered lemme explain them in detail.
Tevolisation :In USA we have digital telivisions...
The digital telivision is made of gpl software and those guys restrict the users to modify it to their needs!
Its a straight voilation of GPL where source code is supposed to be provided with the program and it should be modifyable.
DRM: In the DRM - Digital Restrictions Management. people create a OS based on gnu/linux but they create the code such that its nearly impossible to modify.
Its also strictly opposed by FSF.
I did meet some great people of the foss world.
Danese,stallman,atul,herald,kallu,anush,praveen,kushal and many more.
I met some nice amunt of foriegners ... kavitha and alisa from california university.
A japanese guy . A swiss big CS guy. 2 spanish guys ... ofcourse stallman,danese and herald.

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