Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kubuntu Rocks!

KUbuntu has the coolest Desktop I have ever seen.
Got the kubuntu Cd's free from Shipit.
Its a live cum install cd . Installed kubuntu and now I am blogging from kubuntu itself.
check out the screenshot and tell how cool it is!


lavanya said...

Its the coolest of all the desktops i have ever seen!!!
To install this desktop, should i know more on linux?

Sunil said...

Slick and simple desky there. But, isn't KDE a general eye-candy? So, you should be getting that desktop no matter which distro you use. Ubuntu fanboy? :P

pavi said...

hey that was drapper drake ... these days linux desktop has changed so much ..
And I am talking about prepackaged desktop in a distro



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