Monday, September 18, 2006

Software Freedom Day 2006 at Khammam by Khammamglug

We had balloons and a nice banner! ( check pics )
afterwards...we waited for chief guest madame bhavani who had been using Comps for more than 18 Years while GNU/Linux is only 15 years!
I discussed the disadvantages of using propreitary softwares!
explained what free means?
and all other stuff like GNU linux,Histoy,sco batle,DRM,GPL,various linux..
The n after Five star chocolate and Ubuntu cds to everyone we had a practicl session where I showed them various alternate softwares ...
Stated with eclipse ...gone until ppl are bored showed some games,played mp3,divx in mplayer .
Then after some office ubuntu presentations..
I closed ubuntu.
Then after some sweets and snacks and cool drinks.
We started fedora ...and showed gnome ,kde merits and demerits.
showed yum and showed how command line of yum is better than synaptic of ubuntu.
well google ppl will like how we ended.
We showed the pics of the day in PICASA.
Then we showed the place where we are standing by google earth but they are dissapointed in seein the low clarity of khammam a district head quarter...while they liked hyderrabad ...they are angry that badhrachalam a small own in khammam district has more zoom level..had to cool them a biut by sayin that 6 months before nothin was available...we must be happy
Finally said adios to ppl and started uploading pics and writin blogs!


Anonymous said...

congrats on successfully celebrating SFD and SFN as well....
keep it going :)

sink sink socks said...

One day a feller--astranger in the camp, alte porno cartoons suchen he was--come acrost him with his box, and says:What might be that you've got in the box?And Smiley says, sorter indifferent-like, It might be a parrot, or itmight be a canary, maybe, but it ain't--it's only just a frog.

pavi said...

sink sonks I didnt get you ...

lavanya said...

hey...great work pavi....
hey even im into a open source proj right ...dealing with eclipse etc

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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