Sunday, January 14, 2007

pavithran guide to install GNU / Linux

well its long time since I wrote this.
But Lemme start telling you about various & flavors of GNU/Linux available.
Debian - The best of all ! ( Not recommended for New users )
fedora- The most famous one from RedHat .
Ubuntu - The GNU/Linux for Human Beings( Highly recommended)
Open Suse- Simpler GNU/Linux from novell ( nice to look but hard in the complexity especially packages)
Lemme start with Ubuntu ..
1. Set Ur system to boot from CD . ( depends from BIOS TO BIOS)
2. boot from Ubuntu cd ( Get a free cd posted directly to your home ( No charges at all ) from
3. press enter and wait for some time ( 1-3 Minutes depending ion yopur processor and ram )
4. Use it and have a feel of linux ( Things run slow as u are running an OS from CD )
Do you want a faster OS ?
5. Click on the install Icon in the desktop
sleect language and select language and other settings give your username password (twice ) and other simple stuff till u come to partitioning
6. partitioning is complex .
boot using XP cd delete some "f" or "g" drive
using d key( after u delete u cant see that drive in windows before deleting move ur files to a safer place ie back up )

Then just select option "Use Free Space"
click next.
7. clicking next next will do ...
After you have your Ubuntu ready for use .. please go through


pavi said...

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Well, memory part had to do with me and my absence from blogging.

you call the typo harmless?

"Pantry reading as panty in an official mail?"

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pavi said...
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pavi said...
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Perdy said...

You write very well.