Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Foss.in Day 1

FOSS.IN Was cool ! really the bangalores chilly temperature lifted my spirits ...

Went talked to gopi garge got our registration thingy done (bulk one for NRCFOSS) .
Attended Debian project days ..
one by sam and the other christian ... both of them made me proud to be a a contributor .
I attended Bug triaging session that was cool feel like reporting some bugs for Debain :)

Had lunch with thejaswi .. had coffee with mehul and swapnil ..

Had a long chat with Kevin ottens from toulouse .. He is working for solid we discussed on various aspects from tolouse to Multi agent systems ... and of course KDE 4 .. I just wuld have been more hapy if aseigo had come !
Annyways annma's introduction helped me :)

Met pradeepto asked about KDE Stall ... and also asked tarique about NRCFOSS stall ..Finally came to Brigade road to do some shopping but ended up Blogging!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

/me going to Foss.in

Missed it previous year .. surely dont wannna miss it this year ...
For those who dont know whats foss.in here is a basic intro..
Its a congregation of all the people involved in Foss in India and outside. Now it has risen to the status of international conference but with very affordable price .
And students can rejoice as there is a concession of 100 Bucks for them!

I am going for the KDE and debian project days .. and afterwards will attend some sessions ... but will be more interested in attending BOF's .. ofcourse I have NRCFOSS stall to take care of ...