Monday, March 03, 2008

FOSS Event month !

This month I have been speaking at various events .

FOSSCONF was held in the first week of febraury by NRCFOSS and ILUGC. It was nice to see a good turnout from students. There was an expo of student projects and demos of existing famous open source projects .
I spoke on mysql and plasmoids .

Infinity 2k8 was organised by Dept of CSE Osmania University . Me and krish organised a workshop on KDE 4 and Ubuntu. Since it is a technical festival of dept of CSE we got lot of CS students all over the state .. We unfortunately couldnt find any OU people attending the event as they were busy organising the event . We had some issues with the projector but krish gave the presentation in his laptop with people sorounding him . I took students to the lab and showed various technologies on KDE4 .I had to say thanks to santhosh,srikanth,swathi and one other organiser for helping us make the event success.
( I sold 3 cds of ubuntu for the tamil team :) )
krish burned out free open suse kde4 cd's .

Pengufest was organised as a sub event in Pragyaan 08 . Pragyan is a big tech fest by NIT Trichy sponsored by big names like google,de shaw etc.
Will blog about it in a seperate post as it has lot to say !

at last went to carte blanche which is MIT's open source festival .

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