Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pengufest @ NIT trichy

Pengufest is a workshop at pragyan 2008 .
Took a car to NIT trichy in the morning as the students who were supposed to pick me up got lost :)
I slept and had a bath.. then waited for suren to escort me to canteen where we met the LUG members of NIT trichy . At the breakfast I found out what people do with their linux boxes .
Then we went to spider to install OpenSuse ... tried a lot to boot from the external disk on the IBM machine .
We installed open suse KDE but inspite of all our cleverness we couldnt upgrade the packages due to proxy !
We learnt about libcurl :)
Then I met professor during lunch. We discussed about activities of NRCFOSS. He was interested in Syllabus change . I told I will discuss with him soon .
Then we started preparing for the talk used professors car for transporting our stuff :)
I Started exactly at 3 PM talked about KDE and GNOME and why there are two projects for the linux desktop and why they need to co exist .I talked about KDE4 and what changes it had .. started showing while explaining plasma , oxygen and for solid I plugged in a pen drive and plasma crashed :) I told that there are crashes as its a unstable version of open suse kde4 live cd.
I showed them how easy its to get the desktop back in its normal state after a crash .
Then showed education apps .. where a student asked whats so special about it ? The coolest thing is another student answered for me ( accurately!) we played some fraction and geography tests. Couldn't show them khotnewstuff :(
They liked plasma a lot ..
I went to the pragyan inauguration the block thing was cool after a boring management lecture went to stalls and had maggi and milo. I wanted to access net .. so the student escorting me took me to octagon and we did a remote login to a windows server from that to linux server and a vnc session so that I could use firefox on fedora :) (Amazing)

Day 2 :
Hariram came we prepared some slides about how to contribute to FOSS. I was amazed we prepared them with graphics at so less time :) After our talk we called GSOC and NOSIP guy to talk about their experiences .
The GSOC guy started with LDTP at NOSIP.. he went to novell and worked there. he applied and got GSOC
The NOSIP guy had lot of issues building evolution at a proxy connection :( but he succeded atlast :) He contributed a lot back to evolution
We had a small installation session with 3 girls & 2 guys getting their lappys. I installed kde3 edu packages for one lappy . All others were installing ubuntu .
Finally I hurried back to lecture complex after a bath & packing my stuff to Cheif Lecture complex where we had photograph session. I left back to trichy station feeling HAPPY :)


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