Wednesday, May 07, 2008

BBC on Debian GNU / Linux

I wanted to listen to BBC especially the drama's in BBC radio 2 .
BBC needs a real player installed to run it's online radio :(
I tried to do so in amarok as I use KDE .
I couldn't :( , tried googling got one useful result .

Try running
mms:// in VLC . You could only play BBC 7 but it really did satisfy my ego as 7 is about drama and books ;)

And those who want the BBC world service news use mplayer.
$mplayer rtsp://

will play the stream .
Happy listening and if you are more interested in why BBC doesn't use open standards please do check out


Mike said...

You could also just install realplayer from its site. It is easy to do :)

pavi said...

Yes !
But Real player is not open source :(