Saturday, March 14, 2009 After the First event

Dedicated to Team
Krish,Atul,sup3rkiddo,neenaoffline,shriphani all of us were satisfied with our event , but all of us wanted a change in event , to make it more better !

Krish and me when we went to CBIT were offered better venue and more cooperation at the event than what we could have recieved at GIOE. Hence we planned to get more out of the venue next time ;)

We didn't promote our event well and we mailed to ILUG Hyderabad just a week before event .

Well this thread at ILUGC was quite a education for us

Our list started getting some good traffic and we started hangin out more at and we were joined by some new volunteers punchagan,jeevan ullas and shivaji at the channel and started gearing up for V2

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