Saturday, March 14, 2009 The First event

Dedicated to krish and Atul Jha

The Event

August 24th 25th and 26th ofthe year 2007 were the three days of the event .
The Banner which Krish designed with the help of a painter welcomed us at GIOE .

Krish and me used to visit Atul Jha at his uncle's place to discuss the event . The essential stuff we used to discuss were :

  • Speakers
  • Audience
  • Venue
  • Volunteers
We didn't have many speakers for the event :
Raju Aluri , Thejaswi,Thyagu and Sup3rkiddo were the speakers other than we 3 for the first . They did a great job :)

Audience : Other than few volunteers , few ilughyd people, some osmania students(less than 5 ) all the others are GIOE students .

Venue : The days -2 and -3 we had quite some issue with venue . The hall they promised us was not good for a projector . Krish didn't bargain well ( understand they were his ex prof's ) Somehow we talked over with prof's and got the other hall on 2nd floor which belonged to other department. ( tv and communication I guess)

Now that venue issue is solved . we need volunteers, not those who hang out at the real ones, and Atul Jha was just awesome he really could gather them and make them do things .
I remember sup3rkiddo joining us just before the event , he was of great help . He and Atul did some groundwork at the venue with the help of these volunteers .

The Talks :
Raju aluri from Sun Microsystems spoke about FOSS softwares in sun like OpenSolaris & NFS . I spoke about various licenses which I think was not suitable for that audience. Atul Jha gave his inspirational talk on Linux . Krish talked About Linux on desktop.
On the day 2 we organised install fest of linux planned to coincide with Linus Torvalds birthday . we could have done better with install fest , we didn't test all the distro cd's before the fest.
Day 3 was aimed at contributing to FOSS with talks on subversion,localisation and ruby on rails . Thejaswi talked on subversion , I thought he was the apt one for it cause he was a Google Summer Of Code student . I handled localisation talk and did take some interested students email addresses . Thyagu talked about employment opportunities in FOSS and Ruby on Rails . Thyagu is a good PR guy , great talks from him ;)

Feedback :

  • "The team comprising Atul, Krish and Pavi pulled off an event which was wonderful, enlightening and inspiring." says sup3rkiddo in his post about
  • "Krish, Atul and Pavitran did a good job on starting with this event. " says Raju aluri in his blog post about

More details of the days at day 1 , day 2 , day 3 from our own blogger shriphani !

And pictures are available at flickr from our own photographer neenaoffline !

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