Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My eee 901 on debian lenny !

I realised that I never blogged about my eee 901 and debian installation .

I bought EEE-PC 901 from Amazon Europe . It came with the default Xandros installation which I am sure would look pretty cool for anyone who hasn't seen / used a GNU/Linux distribution before .

I was happy that everything (camera,sound,bluetooth ) works by default , I was afraid that I would break them if I go for any other installation .

I had two options .

Well I was a ubuntu user who migrated to debian and was quite content with debian's testing and stable . I choose debian which gave me lenny ( which was in testing at that time ) . I had to download a small image file and write into pen drive .

When I booted with the pen drive .. I was greeted with debian text installation screen .
The whole process was as simple as before . I had installed GNOME . I was thinking of compiling KDE4 ,but thought that this is not the right box to do such stuff ;)

Went to kde4 debian's page by ana and used her binaries ( felt ashamed of myself doing that )

I am kind of stuck up with old versions :(


atul jha said...

d00d i bought EEE 901 and ruunin GNOME on ubuntu 8.10

am kindaa happy with it.

pavi said...

Wow I am so glad . By the way I am also running GNOME these days and kind of happy with it ;)