Monday, October 12, 2009

Drupal - the power of the community

Well I am amazed :)

The first impressions on drupal were "it looks sick!"

Actually the default template is an "eye sore" ,now I am least bothered about it.

But what I wanted to say here is

I have looked at joomla and wordpress and believed that it has the biggest community of followers and drupal is for mostly the "GNU" people ! I was wrong , it has an amazing community behind it :)

I still remember the preparations for event 2 when we had a big fight on content management systems. I was the most verbal opposer of drupal which was installed by atul jha. we have come a long way and now are using a "conference management system" from fossconf event designed in django :)

It took me some 4-5 days to get a real hang on the working of drupal but I am still not happy with the way administration is handled by drupal when compared to Joomla or wordpress .

Modularity is one reason why I still stick to drupal and its huge community makes it just more tempting despite the shortcomings like the ones I have mentioned above .

Just go to the drupal modules project page and search for the web tool you want to integrate with drupal .. voila its THERE !!