Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cent OS woes

A sad title .. hmm

Well I am back to a redhat based distribution after a long time and getting it to run my way did take some effort :)

It started even before I downloaded the Centos 5.4 DVD . My Ubuntu File system installed by a certain friend has only 8 GB on its root partition . I had to remove/move all the files so that I could successfully download the DVD .

I was shocked by the anaconda when I selected text installation .. WTF things haven't changed at all !! I selected basic installation because I wanted things to finish fast . I carefully selected not to install Grub . Though it gave a warning I kind ignored it .

Booting centOS via grub legacy became a nightmare. Ubuntu forums some oe suggested that chainloading is the best way to go . Actually its the worst way to go for a centOS .

To chainload I did two things one was to install grub in centos root partion .. next I messed it up to such an extent that I wanted it on my MBR. but the grub in centOS itself is in a mess .

Left desperate I went to Grub2 . Things were smooth . I found someone telling me that I need to install centOS again but without any grub . I did that and was unable to boot because ubuntu's perception of root partition sda6 !=hdb6 which was centOS perception . I was left with kernel panic's for some time . Then I tried out with noacpi knowing in heart that it has nothing to do with it. Finally looking at my own grub config I realised that CentOS entry was missing a initrd line .

Adding the initrd line was simple to figure out after so many tries. Anyways Grub2 Rocks !

By the way CentOS 5.3 looks just like RH9 :D

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