Thursday, April 29, 2010

My own fedora rant

I have been using Fedora 13 for some time . I installed it with a netboot CD for which I had to get DHCP running on modem itself ( normally runs on ADSL) .

I got XFCE as the desktop as its the lightest . I couldn't get Graphics running by default which was not much of an issue as I just installed the noveau packages for my Nvidia graphic card . I was very happy by this release because I will be using free drivers from the Noveau project

Then there is this packagekit package manager which I thought would be amazing but sadly it was buggy . Anyways the best thing is yum . Yum really rocked this time(from fc4 times) . Never a bug,it felt wonderful using the new yum :)

I got KDE 4.4.2 running which obviously should have bugs as its released in march and it did crash plasma couple of times because I tried searching inside widgets . I went to #fedora-kde to ask but no one responded . #kde told me to ask them in US timings . I left it alone after a couple of updates it started being stable as the release got near. No wonder fedora developers are working day and night squashing bugs so that the release becomes usable .

Feeling tempted ? The question does arise as I haven't used a debian distro for quite some time . I am still unfamiliar with some package names in fedora . A bit of yum searching with grep or googling is helping me get adjusted ;)

Kpackagekit ( different from packagekit) is still buggy maybe I will report it . My network is damn slow and yum likes to load its package lists . The strangest thing today is packagelists are more heavier than the package I want to install . By the way I did yum update just 20 hours ago , I was a bit surprised and felt homesick ( debian I wanna come back :D )

PS: One more rant .. I have changed all the theme packs from fedora-default to KDE-default !!