Thursday, April 29, 2010

My own fedora rant

I have been using Fedora 13 for some time . I installed it with a netboot CD for which I had to get DHCP running on modem itself ( normally runs on ADSL) .

I got XFCE as the desktop as its the lightest . I couldn't get Graphics running by default which was not much of an issue as I just installed the noveau packages for my Nvidia graphic card . I was very happy by this release because I will be using free drivers from the Noveau project

Then there is this packagekit package manager which I thought would be amazing but sadly it was buggy . Anyways the best thing is yum . Yum really rocked this time(from fc4 times) . Never a bug,it felt wonderful using the new yum :)

I got KDE 4.4.2 running which obviously should have bugs as its released in march and it did crash plasma couple of times because I tried searching inside widgets . I went to #fedora-kde to ask but no one responded . #kde told me to ask them in US timings . I left it alone after a couple of updates it started being stable as the release got near. No wonder fedora developers are working day and night squashing bugs so that the release becomes usable .

Feeling tempted ? The question does arise as I haven't used a debian distro for quite some time . I am still unfamiliar with some package names in fedora . A bit of yum searching with grep or googling is helping me get adjusted ;)

Kpackagekit ( different from packagekit) is still buggy maybe I will report it . My network is damn slow and yum likes to load its package lists . The strangest thing today is packagelists are more heavier than the package I want to install . By the way I did yum update just 20 hours ago , I was a bit surprised and felt homesick ( debian I wanna come back :D )

PS: One more rant .. I have changed all the theme packs from fedora-default to KDE-default !!


mether said...

Not sure I see a rant :-)

You can tweak's yum's cache refresh settings by editing /etc/yum.conf and setting an appropriate value for metadata_expire. Lookup man yum.conf for details.

I thought Fedora's theme defaults were the same as KDE upstream defaults. What did you change?

pavi said...

@mether : thanks for the metadata update tip . By the way yum update does two things like updates metadata and packages.

If I keep something like a long metadata expire time will it create any conflicts ? and can update just the metadata manually ?

pavi said...

Fedora theme default is fedoras artwork . I also meant the login screen . I had to use gethotnewstuff for new stuff.

I also changed the colour set to oxygen .

mether said...

A long metadata (default IIRC is six hours won't cause any conflicts as an yum update would update the metadata when needed. It only matters in the case of other yum commands like yum search which would rely on the cache instead. Alternatively, yum -C search foo would force yum to rely on the cache regardless of the metadata expiry period. In this case, if new packages were added to the repo since the last refresh, it wouldn't show up on that yum search and that is a tradeoff that you got to understand. You can't rely on the cache AND have the latest repository metadata at the same time. That tradeoff exists regardless of the dependency resolver.

There is never really a need to update the cache separately but if you do want it, run

$ yum makecache

This would download ALL the metadata for all the enabled repositories and if you have a long metadata expiry period, it would rely on that cache for that time period.

There are several other values you can tweak with yum.conf but one step at a time. Hope that helps.