Saturday, August 07, 2010

DebConf India Day 1

Kartik the debian developer

Praveen & his mandarin Tee

Well how did it start ? It started with a debian developer waking me up calling my name ! Abhijeet who had to hurry to the venue at 8 Am while me praveen and the DD had to go to the Modern cafe for our breakfast ( 3 idly + 2Cafe+ 1T ) which we finished quickly and after some crossing of the road ended up at the seminar hall2 where we heard from abhijeet that vikram has arrived well it was a small meetup of old friends .

Kartik smiles

meeting of FREEDOM buddies

Then I came inside and started bugging people about the network .. well it looked like I was the network guy !

The funny thing was the router was set up in the middle of a hall with no wired connection to it . Abhijit requested other faculty's own network which more or less was a lifeline . I kind of shared the password with very less people .

 The debian and ubuntu guys together :)
I was more or less trying to get Wifi working . Peeking in a little bit to hear praveen & omkar - the deb and ubu guys speaking together .
Vikram and his friend
vikrams talk was attended by me . Well it was energetic .Vikram in his L10n and I18n talk he showed a POT file and also showed the amount or contributions needed in each language . He also encouraged a new language proposal for rajasthani .
RH people
We breaked for lunch when I went with shirish we had a discussion about calendars. Is there a free web application alternative for google calendar and a bit about all LUG's.

I met karunakar with whom I discussed about debian installer work being started . Also karunakar has told me that there is a simple guide to install fonts.Post lunch discussion was with vikram when we had some catching up to do .

Then Kartik after the lunch in 'how to contribute' session he showed us how to classify bugs and how to report them . He showed a sample bug which was a comment that something was not working .

Kartik had an issue with buggy wicd to connect to the wireless. I even made my router unencrypted which unfortunately didn't help .

Then people with and without laptops were divided . The machine less people went to the lab which was handled by praveen and omkar.
Lab_foss (inputs from COFSUG student): He started by asking people to google for 'maintenance guide' so as to make the students self sufficient . He explained the new words in the guide like 'sponsors,mentors,upstream etc'

Licensing issues while packaging were exlained . After that the steps of packaging in debian were explained. We downloaded the source package of lekhoni which was written by kushal . He explained the code compilation process and how to resolve the dependencies which might occur during compilation .

One bug which involved correct version No's of lekhoni in readme was found and are kept for reporting tomorrow .

A small interview with COFSUG student : How to contribute session and the practical session on source code compilation and fixing bugs during packages was interesting .

compared to other tech events its more technical and it was done in small time ..the response was not expected.

Finally the credit goes to abhijith and his team of volunteers who made it happen !
 Very Active volunterrs


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