Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mini DebConf India Day 2 ( le finale)

I had a hell of a time having health issues which made me come late to the venue . Praveen the early bird speaker (aka come at 8 to learn more ) had already started and some 30 people have turned up was the ooutput I got from swapnil via sana's cell .

I hurried up and saw nice activity going on with interested people on day 2 on packaging .

Well praveen's way of debian development could be said to be like this .

A review of the important terms and then like get into an upstream package find a man page bug and then submit the bug to debian . The coolest thing which happened .. and which never happens at any place is

  • Kushal : the upstream guy .
  • praveen: finds a bug patches it
  • Kartik : approves it in debian as a DD.

Also as praveen said to me it was a great live interactivity as Kushal and praveen worked together live in front of people by arguing on the package,bug license and with the Debian developer chipping in .. it really made an awesome combination whose demo could the best someone could ever get !! ( Yeah COFSUG ,PICT and other pune students - I envy you )

FOSS in Education was handled by Vikram by using the ekalavya example .

There was a BOSS<--> Debian discussion which was interesting

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