Friday, August 06, 2010

MInidebconf India Day 0

It all started in morning when I met piyush and swapnil the local COFSUG members .

Our discussion started on Ubuntu,debian ,fedora. and why they were still on dual boot . The limitations of running is there . Its all ubuntu dominated world on COFSUG which is a good place for getting debian contributors ;)

Then I got a call from pravi with instructions on things to do . After that I went to the FOSS lab which kind of was our adda all the time . Its a lab of 50 Ubuntu machines .

I started on the live image and virtual box .. but was told by praveen to use th existing one . Added to that mine didn't boot . So we kind of added to that machine . The lab had some cleaning and teaching going on we guys ie me some volunteers started working on stuff. I on the meanwhile gave a nice introduction to sana khan on how X,GTK,QT,KDE and gnome are inter dependent . She also had got a good practice on apt,sources.list, & vi which more or less will be helpful for tomorrow session .

Madhur and Avinash are the main guys working of rthe live image sometimes assisted with swapnil . Some girls were also trained on ubuntu and gpg keys.

By the time praveen and kartik came it was getting dark but volunteers who went for a breakfast returned and there was an informative session on GPG keys where lot of questions on cryptography were asked . I also had a silly doubt on what is a 'fingerprint ' and how do you relate it with public key .

Well before that we had an introductions session in which abhijit sir was given all the praise :)

Finally the most important thing was water was arranged and yeah there was a discussion on putting map posters sign boards ... the virtual image and how do we share it .

Will be blogging back properly !