Sunday, August 08, 2010

MiniDebConfIndia Evening 1

Me and Vivek walked to the lab from the seminar hall where j4v4m4n was taking a session . After his session we planned to go somewhere to eat . Well vivek wanted to learn more so did I as we don't know what happened at this place.

Anyways as we were getting down vikram was returning from a visit to MG road . The cool thing was some new students were turning up by 8 PM :)

But we were leaving ! Kartik just returned from his hanging out with kushal . So kartik took care of the students while me , praveen,vikram,vivek,raghavendra and vipul have gone to eat again somewhere near MG road. I remember us fighting for locations,gprs ,opus on the main road it was fun that we were all damn tired.

After the dinner we had a small walk to get an auto where vivek left and a phrase of mine triggered a flame war lol ( I do that often :P )

Me and praveen took an auto to foss lab where kartik was still going on with the students . Nice to see motivated students staying till 10 in the night andd they were not local hostel students they have come from different colleges and we asked them about the user group status and they are very interested to expand it in college while abhijit gave them suggestions and all of chipped in with more advices lol .

It was so late in the night but I still wanted to blog about the event made a call to the eternal volunteer swapnil who came and collected me to show his machine which unfortunately has a very bad motherboard and a overheating processor from pentium4

Well we browsed photos till the router collapsed and I couldn't blog anymore .. atleast got the pics and their metadata right :)

The sad thing and horrible part of me was to see swapnils eye lids dropping .. OMG what a pest I was !!

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