Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well why am I mentioning a group as a title of a blog !!

Dominick the mind and person behind the Free Software Users Group - Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology met me incidentally at #debian on irc.oftc.net . Just like the nick he turned out to be an alien to Indian free software comunity .

And wow he is a huge debian fan from hyderabad .. I already had 2 Tshirts from Mini Debconf India 2010 held at COEP , Pune . One definitely was for krish , the other I bought just to see if anyone(dominick ? ) was interested . Hence the deal with krish and dominick was ' to justify me coming to hyderabad lets meet ' the meet turned out be a full fledged event with 4 speakers and yeah VJIT-FSUG !

Sarath MS

Another name worth mentioning was Sarath MS from Swecha team . It was really nice to meet someone from the team which made 'swecha the distro ' and is now 'swecha the team' >> "Team" is the word for the entire group which works to carry forward the free software movement in Andhra Pradesh .
Check out more about swecha .

So these three people have agreed to be at the event which more or less went on the lines of ubuntu,free software and debian installation on text mode . We couldn't cover most of the topics due to the time limitations we had . But I felt nice that we didn't cover the things planned as the audience are more n00b's than expected ( excuse the bluntness ) . It definitely takes time to get this deep into them .

so the obvious question : Outcomes ?
As expected not many good news . Well the student who made the logo had his sticker sold for 10 bucks . We could also sell one more sticker on software freedom . Well on the real side , dominick was approached by three girls for a Debian DVD .

One person who couldn't come to the event had mailed back to the group expressing his annoyance on us unable to mention the correct room . Poor guy was searching in other rooms , there was some miscommunication from our side :( On the brighter side he tried out ubuntu .

Things I liked : Me , sarath ms , krish and dominick - our participation was like a great team which worked together despite all of us coming from 'different' backgrounds . Every one of us gave our best :)

During debian installation which I kind of handled , the installation was done by girl who knew least about computing/participation . All the installation steps were handled by suggestions from me,dominick,krish and sarath MS . There were also some questions to the audience .. the interaction was going on superb but for one thing !

Here I introduce another great personality called 'pranav' aka ppc as he calls himself lol :D So he is the great graphic designer and the volunteer who made 'things happen' from the college side . Before dominick kills me lemme get to the story .

I was telling that "everything was going fine except for one thing" . There was this pranav who was staring outside window with a desperate look on his face :O He keeps on bugging me & lol also krish right in between the debian installation session . The whole 'high tension' tactics of his started almost 30 minutes before the official time which kind of are damn irritating for the event itself.

I felt that I was being hard on a poor kid , but we(atleast me and dominick) felt that things need to end properly . we did finish the debian installation but the machine was unplugged even before we could reboot to the installed debian :( .

Well the sticker sale as krish said was not up to the expectations . 2 stickers out of the hundred we bought .. and here I have to mention the lady who had walked and waited all the time at printer shop to get the stickers printed . She works at cognizant and has tried out various distros and she is going to try out more thanks to some empty DVD's and CD's which I gave her in exchange to the price of stickers lol . Dominick told that he would distribute the FSUG logo stickers for free as in free beer .

Unfortunately at the last moment when we couldn't complete the installation there was no time for students to take/buy the stickers . They had to run for the bus .

We had a feedback session before we closed . The feedback as expected was the same ' it was nice ..blah blah blah ' but some instances I heard we want to learn more about free software , want to try debian .. which did give me "some" satisfaction .

PS: The basic prerequisite for attending the event was a mail to vjit-fsug mailing list writing their computing experience, and only 5 came without that and surprisingly they all have written back after the event !!

Also since it was my "birthday" /me and dominick went to his home , took some rest packed my things and went to paradise for a treat and before you ask about krish , he was very near to paradise .. munching bytes .. err hertz whatever for his AMD phenom lol !