Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fuel Telugu workshop @ ANU , Guntur

This is how it all started . Rajesh Ranjan has called me and we had h to organise FUEL workshop during 2008 . We couldn't oragnise a discussion on telugu aspect of FUEL because of lack of interest in the language .

2 Years back when I returned to #l10ncappune at RH I met Rajesh Ranjan who discussed with me and Karunakar about how he or karunakar or me couldn't organise a FUEL workshop in telugu at Hyderabad .

Now that I am back in the state , I wanted to do it and I kind of liked the concept of guntur or vijayawada as I always believe in telugu language neutrality,quality in that region one because vijayawada is where the press /print telugu has origniated .
Well one fine day in my grandmoms village I was going to meet a friend in guntur so made a plan to go to the college . Thanks to my friends contact venkat adaka who is a telugu tweep has taken me on bike and assisted me in forming our initial talk .

After some initial discussion and rajesh ranjans discussion one fine day we thought of deciding a date . And then after a call to the HOD who asked me to come to the dept to finalise the date . Well Guntur is almost at a stone throw from khammam a train to vijayawada and a bus took me directly to the department .

Then in 5 minutes we decided the date to be the last weekend of the december . We called the caterer to decide on food . I called rajesh & anjun rao chavala and told him about the confirmation . We then focussed on getting travel and rooms in vijayawada . I ended up deciding a stupid hotel called 'shri pada '

Well then was the entire conference calls from Krishna in RH to arjun and me ,later joined by Rajesh Ranjan .. we went on planning schedule , press letter which took most of our time .

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