Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Installed Fedora 13 ( again ! )

I started with F13 Alpha Netboot long back and today the same CD failed during installation probably due to bad media or some bug , anyways I reinstalled F 13 KDE live ISO and everything was so smooth because I had installed previous F13 as /home and / . Hence a format of / did make lot of things easy :)

The reason why I had to re-install is quite a strange one and might be funny . From F13 alpha I was regularly updating to observe the changes ,and as I had previously mentioned , it was becoming very stable . It reached a point where I couldn't stand it . Hence I choose to go to rawhide and that was at a very wrong point of time when F14 is no more the raw hide while F15 is becoming rawhide. It would still have been very easy if I hadn't the rpmfusion repo's . Well I did enter into a yum mess and I am amazed yum behaved very well , only that I messed it the wrong way .

Before any one reading has doubts like " how complex GNU/Linux or fedora is ? " . Well I opened my firefox to restore the tabs of last session which I had in my previous installation !


Anonymous said...

what abt Linux MInt??

pavi said...

I do use mint , that was one time I used fedora .