Monday, November 15, 2010

#bck9 the tag !

My first barcamp in India was here . I am very thankful to Amrita group for arranging bus facility and providing us free lunch which IMHO in a barcamp is quite surprising .
After a small fresh-up I met some important people like Kenny Jacob and obviously my first complaint was the screen . Its quite too small for the auditorium . It also disappointed me when we were showing sintel movie of blender , when we had great sound coming out the movie in a small screen and different frame ratio was disheartening :(

I called up suraj & hiran to ask when they are coming . well they are on their way and they came right in between the "supposedly FOSS" talk . They were late because ' we are always late' lol I kind of agree.

Coming back to the events sessions , the wordpress plugins talk was quite short and I didn't care much as I couldn't see anything in the small screen plus I need to reengineer my talk because sajjad anwar wont be coming for his OSM intro talk .

Next one was by praseed on "FOSS " in kerala . Note the quotes on FOSS . It was also called " a case of inmates running the asylum?" I couldn't catch it with the mallu accent in the beginning but later WTF did he really mean that and Yes he did !
Apparent a MS user group user who desparately seeks for BSD licensed stuff isn't particularly new and he expressed his anguish over how linux users group became libre users group and how they all became stallman's preachers or something of that sort. I cut his short telling not to use the word stallman inappropriately .

His blah blah blah went on like that and I bet its a 'deja vu ' for me because even MS PR agents do the same thing , the same arguments nothing new or creative about . The relatively naive audience in the room as per the blogs and tweets were quite pleased by the talk which when finished for Q & A . I asked his in 'open source' and 'free software ' what do you prefer . His answer was on expected lines ' open source' :D He then went on to tell how libre user groups restricted him to discuss on wine . I simply told him its off topic in a libre user group and its your mistake . I am not sure how many of the audience caught it .

Cetly Live by Hari Krishnan was one talk which really interested me , it sounds like a simple example of campus blogging but it actually is a competetion and cetly people did do it nicely . They have made the students participate which means a heavy inputs to the blogging and having it on their own web platform is amazing thing to do , and yeah it always works well in a campus envoronment and its high time other campuses copy this style .

Blender Py API discussed by unnikrishnan a cool guy was well recieved and I didn't have time for it as I was thinking of getting map rendered and I again failed :( Anyways there was an open movie by unni which was a trailer next followed movie which had first issues rendering and it was good sound and I liked the story of dragons . Sintel is also cute but it looks more 'anime' was it some japanese contribution ? I didn't Know .

Just like the talk on " supposedly FOSS" there were also questions and assumptions on "blender vs maya" , which were slightly amusing but nonethless irritating . I kept my peace and concentrated on talk while hiran and other took it up .

The lunch was "ok" but the sweet was good . I also carried it on my way back . People commented that this is what you get out of a Kerala 'vegetarian' meal and we should not forget that this is an ashram !

I had to start post lunch and the talk went on as planned with some huge Q & A . After my talk I remember listening to phonegap thats it nothing much from me as I was down entirely (lack of sleep the earlier night ).

Ohh yeah suraj the free software enthusiast has given a malayalam talk highlighting the goals of free software movement countering the voices against it .

Hiran and co left to thrissur while I waited till the end ohh yes I went to that village I guess its called amritapuri and the rural kerala environment which I am experiencing for the first time is quite amazing to say the least .


Athira said...

As you r thinking, you are a very basic computer geek. OSM is not the last word in computer science. When you presented it, your body language and your words towards the fellow barcampers who interrupted you by asking questions shows that you r not good for a gathering like BarCamp. BarCamp is not meant for showing the codes in big screen. Almost 90% are not interested in seeeing the code that you've written(most of them are good programmers than you). As the presenter of NLTK did, you can share the code in the web so that those who are interested can look into it afterwards. Pls don't assume yourself as Richard Stallmann or as Bill Gates... Pls try to understand the spirit of BarCamp... Thanks

Anonymous said...

It is pretty obvious from his behaviour in ILUG Kochi discussions that Praseed pai is nothing but a troll. Just ignore him.

sooraj inside the shell....... said...

>OSM is not the last word in >computer science.

I was also at that barcamp. I didn't hear anything about computer science in his talk.

>BarCamp is not meant
>for showing the codes in
> big screen.

I could not find any codes in his talk. I saw some code(HTML) only during the Q&A.

Could you please define barcamp in your own words?

> most of them are good
> programmers than you

What is the basis for your assumption?

*Did you mistaken his talk?*