Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chamba - swatanthra movie project

First time when j4v4m4n called up and told me about the "chamba project" I was not interested because making a animation movie is a very expensive process in terms of time and efforts as learnt by me in previous LUG meets of Hyderabad where satish goda has explained us about Blender & big buck bunny . I also learned about models and how to create small animations with them .

Well that makes me kind of 'aware' of the direction in which chamba project is heading . I did see some mails in ILUGB and some updates in FB on it . Well it is gathering some momentum . I was only worried about the momentum in actual blender users . Because blender users are not just your normal computer users , they are someone who understands graphics,lighting ,motion etc and most importantly can move around the complex interface of Blender.

Bar camp Kerala 9 : There was a quite long discussion on 'blender vs maya' which did bore me , but interestingly there was sintel movie which I think has evolved a lot from Big buck bunny movie kind of drove this thought into mind that lot of the tools have improved .

Chamba Operations team meet :j4v4m4n sent me an SMS that there is going to be a meet at sooraj's house in thrissur on sunday . Well I decided to go despite sooraj's low priority to that event ( lol he is busy with something else ) . After bugging him for directions , hosting me etc we made it to 'Sahitya Academy ' Thrissur .

There was Manoj K Mohan from "VAST" , Alex from GEC trishur, Jishnu from MESCE and nirmal from Thrissur , we stood there talking when hiran came and lead us to sit right on the corridors of the academy ( after taking permission ) . we sat in a circle and the discussion started with sooraj introducing the project while I reminded to introduce the concept / story of "chambaka" the name of the project and why its important .

The discussion went on with script which has not been decided and is more or less the business of creative team . I was stressing on how low the time of the movie should be because I believe "less the time of the movie the more easier it becomes as the frames decrease " . There was also a point on multilingual nature of the movie where it is going to be dubbed into other languages which means getting all the teams from other states involved .

The task ahead for this team would be by promoting it by showing sintel and driving in the concept of "open movie " . I pitched in by showing a sample video of "chambaka" we could explain the goals of the team especially the openness involved . There was also a talk on blender sessions and we would be having one on December 1st week .

We were pinged by the sahitya academy person that its late , we then moved on to a ritual where hiran took some pics , in between we discussed with two persons from arts/documentary side . I also took some pics which came very bad with my camera . I slipped with Alex into an english drama which was quite nice .

We tried calling j4v4m4n , using GPRS on my phone via bluetooth of a netbook and we left to Akshaya hotel in the city centre for j4v4m4n . We met him opposite the hotel who was FBing via mobile . We went upstairs for dinner and our discussion went on from script, creative team to english vs malayalam etc . we ended our conversation with chambaka fruit which j4v4m4n has brought from a tree in his home .

Chambaka fruit
Forgot to mention that the Hash tag for chamba is #chamba . Tweet with it :)

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