Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dist & Desktop Upgrade/Change !

Yes its the debian language , and I did do a change/upgrade of distros while the desktop was more or less changed .

I am talking about lenny to squeeze which asked me to download lot of stuff . Since I am on a low bandwidth I went on removing all packages . And I had a hell of a time relating X related packages using both aptitude and apt-get . The clever thing is when you dunno any solution go for aptitude but aptitude in my case didnt support the regular expression '*' .

After removing OO,vlc,gnome and other electronics app the download was decreased to 400 M . I couldn't go less :D

Well since gnome is gone after the dist upgrade we shifted to kde . The package to do is kde-standard .

So to get KDE on to your machine
#apt-get install kde-standard
Well that got the desktop running . An install of amarok and ugly plugins of gstreamer did the rest . Well sarath .. Happy ?

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