Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drupal : Rules Module

I hardly am impressed with drupal considering my irritability in configuration . It would have been because of the poor usability in Views and CCK modules . The ironic part is that both those above modules which I have been complaining about are the most used and many drupal developers would say it as "gods gift" !!

So I am surprised and very happy with the module "rules " . It is an extension of the "trigger" module and also a newer version of "workflow-ng" module .

It works on a simple policy of Event + condition = Action . And before someone thinks that its too geeky to use , this little picture would show how simple it is .

I was able to create a new page each time a user comments and also send an email thanking him for the comment in that particular page . It was also easy to substitute variables like user who commented ,user who recieved comment etc .

Kudos to Wolfgang Ziegler aka fago who made such a nice module and has added great documentation with future plans coming as a research article !!

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