Sunday, May 22, 2011

Export osm files to shape files

Shape files of ESRI is a standard geospatial way of representing points, lines and polygons . Its maintained by ESRI and is a open specification .More details at shapefile @ wikipedia .

I have used Qgis before but remember that was on a debian box where everything worked . Now on ubuntu 10.10 Qgis did work but without the python support . Python support is needed for OSM plugin to work .

I tried some things like :

* Use a latest version via ppa
* Use a dev version via dev ppa

Finally fed up searching for a solution , I downloaded the source and built it via the instructions in INSTALL file .

After the python support enabled I was lost looking for a python plugin location .

OSM plugin did come by default and I had to tick it to enable it .

Then importing an OSM file and exporting it to shapefile was baby steps .

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