Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gnome 3 Rocks !

Comparing to the criticism KDE4 has I think gnome3 has learned from KDE mistakes and is a better release :)

I might be partial in my opinion looking out for weirder interfaces and not sticking to the default start menu , my computer interface which has been in our world since windows 95 . I loved Unity as soon it was released in Netbook remix version of ubuntu . But ubuntu kind of screwed it up when they made it the default release and not thinking about the desktop form factor running unity as default . People are bound to hate it and hence linuxmint 12 seems to be the alternative to those gnome 2 fans as it came with Gnome3 /Gnome3+2 / Gnome2 port(MATE) .

Was everything stable ?

In my case this was the second time I tried installing gnome3 and succeeded this time . The first time I made a mess with Apt pinning on LMDE for which the instructions I followed were supposed to be for Debian testing .

The next I installed LMDE and partially moved it to Debian testing . Now I needed some upgrade and yeah the whole machine went into a broken state with still mint components and debian testing components . I went into a newer kernel which was not booting up . Realised after some upgrades that newer kernel( 3.x) is the only one which decently boots up the Gnome 3 .

A post in debian mailing lis
t confirms the fact that LMDE is not "fully" compatible as mint people say so . Anyways I don't even know what my distribution was hence I tried aptitude safe-upgrade and finally a dist-upgrade which fixed everything :)

And yeah I am presented with the beautiful Gnome 3 desktop . Its smooth , though I had issues with my nvidia card which I suspect is still not being fully used thanks to the noveau drivers .

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