Monday, February 27, 2012

machine this time

How did I buy it ? well in the most dissapointing manner ever possible !

To start with I had less time to search for a good one , but I thought AMD phenom with 6 cores would be a nice one . The one which was nice wasn't available in the local market and the Fx series seemed to costly for my budget , hence went for AMD A8 processor err actually APU - Advanced Processing Unit which includes a GPU combined with a 4 core processor .

It all sounds well and fine but I still don't know what prompted me to go for a Digilite motherboard especially after the case that my MSI motherboard died ?

I guess it was all because I never trusted Gigabyte and I also know that ASUS motherboards would die, so hence went for something which is completely out of market . But this motherboard has AMD chipset in it which is a plus point in my opinion .

Final config is : AMD A8 3870 with AMD Radeon HD 6550D
motherboard is Digilite AL 75M

Well a 4 GB ram and a SATA DVD writer to go with it , dont even know what brand it is !

Its a contrasting reality that my choices were Nvidia external to ATI/AMD on board, not even on board its on processor itself . The other one is MSI board to some board called digilite which no one has heard of .

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STALLION said...

Congrats! you are champ!