Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bugs / issues whille installing debian wheezy from USB

Debian wheezy - The new testing release from debian had some issues while getting installed on my machine  va USB .

First I downloaded the weekly snapshot and made it bootable on USB using the tool unebootin . I  regularly use unetbootin and it works most of the times but this time something did go wrong!

  • After loading installer components and when installing base system is already done . The installer complains that there is no CD ROM present .
Note that this is happening midway of installation and it stops saying that it couldn't install busy box . Mounting USB and installing busybox manually didn't help me continue with the installation as the installer step has completely failed and there is no way I could resume but have to go to previous step or net step(with warnings) 

Tried somethings like
  • Mounting USB as  CDROM
  • Changing sources.list to directly read from mounted USB folder - This one works nicely with apt-get install busybox
2nd option was cool but I couldn't verify the packages  as thats on  a local repo folder  bot a cdrom . And even to force the installer to go to 2nd step was a tricky one as every time the installer step runs it rewrites the sources.list . I had to write to that file in that instant and was presented with an unsolvable problem
  • Packages cant be verified . press Y to continue !!!  

How the hell can I press Y when the script is not asking me for inputs and yeah the script is not run with skip package verification issue and I am in no mood to modify it . 

My solution was to just install all packages using aptitude - the CUI package management tool . Funny it sounds but that day I was forced to learn aptitude CUI tool which I always avoided . I do run aptitude search and aptitude install but never standalone aptitude .

So I installed all the packages from CD 1 and continued to the step where grub was installed but importantly there is a step where installer would create user accounts . After that I finished installation  and rebooted . 

Hurray there was a login screen but my happiness was short lived as my Nvidia ethernet was not detected , I didn't have a X server installed !! I tried searching for as many packages available on USB but never found xserver-xorg or the drivers for my Nvidia graphic card

Now I booted via  linux mint live to only learn that my live disk was 32 bit and my installed system was 64 bit and I can't chroot into it . I searched a lot for mini 64 bit live distros and finally  found a nice one called GRML .  Its a debian based live distribution aimed at sysadmins and most importantly comes with a 64 bit version with less space . 

After some consecutive reboots installed all the drivers xserver etc . Gnome3 did misbehave and it was because of my Nvidia driver which I thought was installed with the package . But I was mistaken and yeah for the first time downloaded the proprietary version and installed it as instructed in debian wiki

And yeah the final result , Am I happy ? 

YEAH . Tres Content !! 

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