Monday, June 25, 2012

Eventful day

Could tag the day as #event as it started with me going to #OpenDataHyd of which the first word is the only thing open about it , the least I say of it the better , though well organised it lacked every sense of the community and had more of a corporate agenda with corporates pleased with themselves . The govt fellas were here to show off !  And guess the venue ? ISB lol it was meant to be .

The only good thing was I met Kiran Baddi and Siddhartha from swecha during lunch . We also met Srikanth Lakshman whose talk on bus routes kind of went to a deaf audience . I returned with him to another event which is more exciting .

Update : Srikanth has written a story on it . And As he says the question by the OGPL guys  about geospatial data is weird . The govt fellas dont want to open the data but complain some opendata campaigner that the maps she was using was wrong especially with respect to kashmir . If the govt has released the maps in fist place this wouldn't have been a issue . I should also mention a s***y talk by UID fellas . I dont understand how opendata folks allowed such an advertisement ? 

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