Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ubuntu release event + FOSS team hangout

It was as the title says both ubuntu 12.04 release and a hangout of old and new buddies revolving around various FOSS circles :)

Me and logic went to get the cake which me and praveen illa ordered yesterday at Karachi bakery . The pangolin on the cake attracted two girls who were like curious to know about the animal , we explained them how free software projects like ubuntu , mozilla and others use the names of animals which need conservation or more love . The bakery was also very proud of the cake which was not given to us until it was photographed .

Back in the venue met ritesh for the 3rd time though it was like a meeting for the first time !! I spent some time telling people on phone how the building is infront of a blue glassed white building of Shadan womens college .  I was very happy that Anivar was able to make time to attend the event despite his hectic schedule .  Krish and Atul were very surprised to see the numbers which were not there in our earlier meets .
Ritesh started his pitch on Ubuntu explaining why use linux, ubuntu etc and we couldn't get the projection in place . The venue owner Kashyap tried a lot getting the projection fixed with his laptop, praveen illas laptop , I made them settle for logics laptop which also had some graphic driver issue but was "ok" for presentation .
Atul and krish were in other room as there wasn't enough place to move . Atul took praveen illa's laptop to run the installation script  . Anivar joined us at that time and they had a  hell lot of catching up to do :)
  In the lecture hall we decided to go on with Cake cutting ceremony aka ubuntu release , but before the cake people were asked to introduce themselves as is the tradition of lot of our user group meets .  After that we had a photo session and the smallest ubuntu user in our group  of 14 years  was the chief guest and he cut the cake .

Icy orangy the taste really felt good as I was sick of eating the default chocolate/vanilla flavoured cakes . lol atul mailed me asking for the recipe as it raised some curiosity . Yeah asking something which the propreitary secret of Karachi bakery is pointless !!

Praveen Illa talked about issues with localisation and the status of projects like LXDE, Gnome,XFCE etc . Anivar did ask about the 100 % status of gnome telugu translations and said that it was good . Me and praveen later had a lil chat on why it was projected so as to show 100 % always despite the fact that there are major issues with translation quality and how important a glossary is .

 Vineel  talked about the various mozilla projects and how we could contribute to the project . I seriously wish he had used the projector atleast to use the project pages  or  atleast used the white board to write the names of the projects .

Atul wanted to talk before as there are two people one from bangalore who just came to attend the openstack talk . He talked about OpenStack and how a  private cloud works and he had some pretty neat diagrams on the functioning of the architecture . Some of my questions also drew paralell comparisions with EC2 offering of Amazon .
He says 
 "Openstack uses its own API which is completely open source unlike Amazon and as a result of which Openstack will increase in adoption of Hybrid cloud, using Open source Openstack API. You can have Public and Private cloud easily sharing workload."

Krish talked about puppet with the whiteboard drawing puppet server and clients . I was outside saying bye to Anivar who has to catch a bus .
Finally logic pitched about wikipedia and local wikipedia pages  and I am guessing also about wikimedia foundation .

The event didn't end so soon and the mother of our chiefguest was waiting for him. Well it was the time to say bye to folks . But after event parties are always exciting and I am never going to miss it . Logic was my pillion rider while ritesh came on another bike . Behind us were vipul, praveen Illa and atul on Krish's nano . We had some traffic disturbances thanks to someone jumping into Hussain Sagar , later went to Paradise where while others bought food , Me and logic drank something cool . I had falluda and I still love the fact that my first falluda was from Thrissur in Kerala , quite a contrast from hyderabadi drink its supposed to be .
Back in Army zone which is ritesh sisters home ( who was out of town) we ate ,drank and had fun chatting all night but it was tuxnani's call which was the most amusing . After my post on FB he called us up and everyone spoke to him on speaker .

That ends our party or get together or FOSS event .. lots of names but its the fun which we had matters the most . 


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nice work

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nice work