Friday, July 19, 2013

Buggy broadcom driver

YES , I hate them for the entire nuisance in wireless linux . They did announce that in 2010 they would be releasing open source drivers .

The situation still is worse , I am using the package broadcom-sta-dkms  which was buggy for my kernel version 3.9.0-2 which I accept is the version from Kanotix a distribution based on wheezy . I found out that the package in unstable has fixed the issue . Well just installed it and all my wireless issues are gone .


Friday, April 19, 2013

Trying Open suse 12.3

undoubtedly its the Klyde availablity which brought me back to OpenSuse after quite a long time and I am impressed :)

Installer of Open Suse is just amazing . The GUI tools are clear cut professional and they work just right .

And No there hasn't been a single crash . Its that stable! The biggest plus point is how Opensuse integrated browser with  Package installer Yast . There is lot of click and install available from Opensuse wiki . I did install ATI propreitary drivers and other stuff all with simple clicks .

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lennovo thinkpad Edge E530 simply rocks on LMDE !

I have never seen such a seamless installation though I faced minor glitches with a package called live-installer-slideshow which I understand is the reason why installation hangs on LMDE march 2013 cinnamon edition. I found the solution thanks to mint forums  So I removed the package and continued with the installation. I came back and posted the updated solution at the forums from where I got the idea. Loved the fact that I gave back directly to the community which helped me solve the issue.

I did start with the partitioning tool in windows 7 from where I shrunk the main windows partition. So it created a non partitioned space. So while installing LMDE I just gave the space as root and swap and installed. Everything went seamlessly.

I was presented with the beautiful cinnamon desktop . I did try changing the theme to see how it is , just amazing is all I could say and love the mint and debian team for their efforts in bringing such a nice distro.
So I need not even make a check list

  1. Sound - works
  2. Webcam - Works
  3. Wireless - Works 
Thats all I care as of now, Thank you again lennovo, debian and mint!  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Debian sid - intel + ati graphic driver issue

Having both intel and ATI hybrid graphics is a pain and you definitely need some tool to switch between the graphic cards . One thing which perfectly works is the ATI propreitary driver catalyst . I dont want to get into that mess hence started looking at setting up only the intel driver .

Well I end up with a keyboard + mouse freeze everytime I start the X server .  I was not sure what was causing the issue . During the freeze there is just a dark blank screen and I am left wondering if the X has started or not . The only proof that it had actually started are clean logs with no errors and the moment I switch the manual power butt I see X windows and mouse .

I tried ATI free drivers which didnot work and I was hell bent on getting the intel ones to work . I used xserver-xorg-video-intel  .

While I was searching for solutions I found something at debian-user list on running udevadm trigger and keeping it on a script didnt do much good for me .

Then I was searching for the card itself which gave me some results for the query "i915 input devices debian"
I found a solution in the forums that I need to reinstall the glx drivers which have some propreitary ATI components. I do remember that when I started with the debian machine I was on "free" , later had to add non-free for the drivers . So definitely some packages do need reconfiguration .

#apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-video-intel libgl1-mesa-glx libgl1-mesa-dri 
#dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Well it worked but how much of dependence is there on ATI driver ? I am not sure of that , sometimes randomly the ATI GPU turns on . Hopefully I can shut this GPU down permanently . And yes there is no BIOS switch for that . 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

BMSITGLUG - An impromptu session on OSM

It was pravi who made me stay in bangalore which actually was a stopover en route to Hyderabad from FOSS Meet @ NITC . And since we caught up with Raghavendra who luckily teaches at BMSIT and leads the GLUG - GNU/Linux user group over there on the earlier night I planned a openstreetmap session .

Raghavendra was kind enough to accommodate me in the afternoon time of schedule with a very good number of students who actually came from  diverse backgrounds with respect to technology  .

After my introduction to some core members , we walked over to the seminar hall which was awesome and it was my big mistake not to carry a HDMI -> VGA converter . My classic excuse would be " HDMI is the latest tech , arent you catching up with it ? " or another one would be " Even RaspberryPie would be coming with a HDMI but not a VGA" !

So I had to use another volunteers laptop for projector and the network was an issue , so while the volunteers and their teacher fixed the issues I wanted everyone to introduce themselves , year and branch  their love of technology . I did learn of some cool technologies and that made me happy as a speaker . I felt that speaking to a crowd who are more educated or who know more than you / know something else better than you gives a satisfaction .Some were also interested on "web" !

As the inroducutions were going on , we were joined by a senior from final semester CS who said "yes" and was quite vocal while taking a random survey on what "free software" , made her introduce free software to the crowd .  I had to later explain what
"free beer" is , with the redhat & CentOS example .

Another big blooper of mine was the absence of slides . I forgot to make them assuming that I could use my old slides while showing some URL's then and there . In this case we had a partial internet which was powere by raghavendra first and later by another students 2G/3G connections .

For the question of why not google maps , I had to tell about FUP - Fair Usage Policy and later explain how freedom on data can make you show cool stuff like show emphasis on transport routes ,Cycle routes etc .

I also explained each and every tool of OSM but unfortunately I didnt make a slide for each tool and written a line on it , I just dumped all the tools in 2 slides and was done with it .

Editing : I told about upcoming editor iD , but showed JOSM . I made few students draw lines , boxes and tag them appropriately . Also since we were running out of time I called all of them forward and then showed the mapnik instance running on my laptop and how panning heavily requested the tile numbers .

On a question on tile numbers I showed what X and Y means . Later on a question on database postgres . I panned heavily and showed via iotop the vanishing process of postgres "select" query . I had to pan very heavily which made me smile inside that my laptops fast enough :D

Later on an insistence to see the DB . We made some sample queries and I showed them how to simply query for amenities etc . Later I showed them a visualisation made ot of cuisine . There was alsoa  question on android app for OSM . I was like " Yeah its obvious , there are many" , little did I realise that this is a new project for them . Also I was hesitant enough to show bangalore :D

Overall we had to leave and the left over CS guys were whom I had a small chat on CS in BMSIT and how things could improve and asked them to encourage open access of internet by creating a network and it could be jointly paid by everyone . I also showed them the root shell on my N900 .

It was a pleasant experience to give a session at BMSIT GLUG , would love to visit again !