Sunday, June 22, 2014

A track which works

This is a GPX track which is colour coded from red ->yellow -> green depending on the speed. I used JOSM for this display.

The colour coding can be selected as per the speed ranges, I selected foot hence the green ones are the places where I actually ran and red was either very slow or stopped.

The picture is quite accurate and its coming from 1.4 version (some dev build)  of firefox os on ZTE Open. This was the first time I got anything decent from the phone. It gives me a hope to do something better. I must thank Paul Wolneykein for the patch for the buggy GPS on 1.2+ versions.

Just to add , I checked the overlay with map layer from OSM and the track was pretty accurate , I crossed the road two times and it clearly showed it which was pretty impressive. :)

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